Friday, February 03, 2012

Blurb Contest Vote!

The blurb contest went about as well as I anticipated. (Thank you both for playing.) And I realize holding a vote on a Friday is the worst day of the week for people to see this, but what can you do?

If unfamiliar with the contest, I asked people to come up with random blurbs for Open-Eyed Sneeze that were as good as Maurice Sendak's blurbs for Steven Colbert's fake book.

So without further ado, here are the entries. Please vote for your fave so I can send the winner a prize. Thanks!

1) "Realizing my online college diploma was printed on the back of a grocery store paper bag really put me down in the dumps...until I discovered this wonderful book!"

2) "Reading Open-Eyed Sneeze made my head hurt less than trying to complete a Sudoku puzzle."

3) "If the summary of Open-Eyed Sneeze had not mentioned "Full House" I would have loved to have read the novel and would have gotten a kick thinking up a catchy blurb. Instead, I've been busy watching every season of the ABC hit on Netflix."

4) "Reading this hilarious account of post college life was a fantastic break from applying to jobs on the same website cops use to entrap middle aged sex addicts."

5) "The shoe-loving baby monkey of your dreams"

6) "Adorable little girl saves mother's life via pizza slap to the face."

Those last two were random headlines someone thought could fit as blurbs.


Anonymous said...

#1 (#6 a close 2nd)

Nicole said...


Jessica said...

1! :)

Anonymous said...

#6. Or #3.

C said...