Friday, December 23, 2011

The Best Thing Ever.

My Christmas wish is that everyone in the world gets to have someone in their life like Mrs. Koutras. She taught me and my sisters in pre-school and has been an incredible part of our family ever since. She's hilarious, energetic, positive, loving, and the most supportive person I know. We all feel so lucky to have her in our corner. When I had my book launch in Brockport, she spent an entire day decorating the farm market. Who does that?!

She's my mom's bestie and the two of them get into more ridiculous situations than anyone I know. My mother actually giggles when retelling their stories.

Anyway, she's totally loved. And here's one reason why:

This morning, Mrs. K showed up to my parents' house with a coffee and corn muffin for each of them and asked them to follow her out to her car. With the driver's side door open, she blasted the stereo and played the song she had cued up, "You've Got A Friend." Standing there, stunned for a moment, my parents started to laugh before the three of them linked arms, started swaying, and sang together at the top of their lungs. "Winter, spring, summer, or faaaaalll..." In the the 6:45 in the morning.

My mom described it as the best Christmas gift she's ever received.

Mrs. Koutras is a freaking legend. Love her to death.


Lauren Quinn O'Neill said...

Cutest thing ever! What a wonderful lady! Have a wonderful Christmas, miss your face :)

MFB said...

That's adorable :) Did you have your Flip? Have a safe trip and don't... flip (har har)

Merry Merry!

Brina said...

She is really the most amazing friend anyone could ask for! Her spirit, her sense of fun, her love of life -- they are all SO inspiring!! The Martins are so lucky to have the Koutrases!

Mrs. Koutras said...

Christmas with my family brilliant, Jess's blog PRICELESS!!! Love you honey!
Mrs. K