Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mer!

Today is this girl's birthday!

Here's a Top 27 list for her. Top 26 lists are so yesterday.

Meredith, The Top 27 reasons why you're my favorite:

27) You're hilarious. You make me laugh until I cry.

26) You have the best little voices and create the most memorable characters with them. Your accents are also incredible.

25) You always know when a camera is out and can pose perfectly for a candid shot. I'll never ever know how to do that.

24) You're the most thoughtful person I know. You remember so many things about the people in your life and consistently make those closest to you feel special.

23) You are the Queen of the to-do list. It's inspiring to someone like me.

22) You inspire me.

21) The people who have your support have SO MUCH SUPPORT! You're the best cheerleader, believer, high-fiver, smiling face any person who is attempting to do something could ask for. You have complete confidence in the people you love and the proof of it comes in your matter of fact nods when I mention how amazing your friends are. "Yeah. I know. They're wonderful."

20) You're silly! Your funny walks/noises/faces, your insistence on making me blush in public, your childlike wonder for the world and the million other things you do that make me actually giggle, are some of the best things about you.
Mer Thought Bubble: Ok, I'm just going to take your phone from you...
And push you in the pool like so...
Too soon, perhaps?

19) You read children stories better than anyone I know. The way you recite the names from Make Way For Ducklings is AMAZING.

18) You scream in excitement when you see ducks. And hippos. And hedgehogs. And french bulldogs. And baby birds. And baby bunnies. And babies. You're turning 27 but really you're 6.

17) Your voice has so much soul. I love when you really get into a song and put your hands out and spread your fingers and close your eyes and just kill it. Even if it's to Celine. I still effing love it.

16) You swear a lot when driving and clearly learned to drive in Massachusetts, but have learned to let people cross at crosswalks and sometimes even let cars in! You're growing!

15) Best movie buddy a girl could have.

14) When I dance around you never make me feel like I can't dance. Which, obviously, I can't.

13) You love your fam and light up when you tell stories about them.

12) You buy cards for friends months in advance, take pictures of things that remind you of them, and text when remembering inside jokes. You carry the people you love in your heart.

11) You're a wonderful pen-pal and getting mail from you is such a happy feeling.

10) Your eyes

9) Your laugh

8) Your kiss

7) Your heart

6) Your love
5) Your hopes
4) Your girlfriend (she's really something.)
3) The adventures we've shared together.
2) The adventures waiting in the wings. (wings! black swan!)
1) That you gave me a chance to love you.
Spending my Boston years with you is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me.

You're my best friend, Mer. Happy birthday!


MFB said...

Tears to my eyes :) This is the nicest thing. I love you, Jessie! ff.

Naomi said...

Wow this is the most beautiful post ever. And I nodded my head in agreement about every single one. Love you ladies individually and love your love for eachother! That's a lot of love!

Dana said...

Absolutely love this whole thing, but the comment + picture for #25 is making me laugh again and again. And again.

MFB said...

I read this a lot. PS. Love you.