Friday, June 10, 2011

Schmear and Schmooze.

On Tuesday Zaftigs Delicatessen hosted the Boston launch for my book. I also happen to work at said Delicatessen. This entire event was the brainchild of my boss Harvey, and I owe him a huge thank you for all his efforts! Also, A huge thank you to Bob and Holly for their incredible generosity of the space, the amazing food, and all the wine.

Note to self: Free wine and book signings do not mix well. The most cringe-worthy note signed to none other than my girlfriend's mother, "Thank you from the bottom of my bottom."


It was a wonderful evening with coworkers, my favorite regulars, amazing Boston buddies, family, and friends of friends. A sincere thank you to everyone who came!

Just rolling all my books in a suitcase to a deli. nbd.

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