Friday, March 13, 2009

I'd Like To Solve The Puzzle.

A sign in front of an Elks Club Lodge said "PA HETTI DINNER."

Not exactly cryptic, but it made me think.

Were the S and the G really missing? Or were the two guys in charge of buying letters on a budget? And if so, was "pa hetti" really the most obvious choice? A three-year-old might say so, but I can't imagine anyone driving past the sign and thinking, "Mmm, pa hetti dinner. Reminds me of Rome."

In an unrelated note, is anyone else offended that Vanna White still has a job?


Jessica said...

Maybe it was a dinner held in honor of an old man lovingly nicknamed "Pa Hetti". No word yet whether "Ma Hetti" will be in attendance...

Jess said...

oh geez, that's well played.
nice work.

concerning the pic: hat or hair?

Jessica said...

Oh that's a picture of an exceptionally stylish hat that I must absolutely have. But considering that it's from Michael Kors 2009 collection, I would need to pull off a Madoff ponzi scheme just to afford it.

I think it would work really well for deer hunters in the midwest as well...

Jess said...

prêt-à-porter means ready to hunt, right?

it really is such a great hat. an all-arounder. the sort of thing one can wear with anything, to any occasion.

I'd recommend going with a fonzie scheme. It's basically just hitting jukeboxes and using the bathroom of a local hangout as your office. actually, I'm not sure how that brings you any closer to getting your hat. nevermind.