Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby Steps.

It's early, but I'm going out on a limb and saying that the word of the year for 2009 will be "Transparency." I hear someone mention it everyday. Although, Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year in 2007 was "woot" so what do I know?

w00t (interjection)
expressing joy; similar in use to the word "yay"
w00t! I won the contest!

In these times of uncertainty following an era of secrecy and shady deals, Transparency is the amazing out-of-town guest we can't wait to introduce to everyone.

"Transparency! So glad to see you! I don't think you know Wall Street or any of the major banks."
"No, I don't believe I do."
"Have you met Government? Local, State, Federal?"
"Perhaps briefly. Did I see you under oath that one time?"
"You'll have to excuse Big Business. He really wants nothing to do with you."
"I get it. That whole, 'You don't want to know how your sausage is made' kind of thing?"

I'm always hopeful when Obama talks about transparency for the stimulus. It's just a good idea to put the truth out there. Plus, it benefits everyone to know how, where, and when the BILLIONS of dollars are spent. is the website meant to be the "centerpiece" of the effort for transparency and accountability. Woot! Transparency! Woot! Accountability! These a big words! So what do they mean exactly?

So far, this is the money info we have on

OK, well it's a nice chart. To the point. I'd like to learn more and conveniently, there's a "Learn more" link which brings me to this:

Hmm, this information seems vaguely familiar.

And maybe it's just me but I'm usually worried by an "Other" category. 8 billion dollars for "Other." Is "Other" party supplies? Because that'd be a lot.

This is the first effort to ever do anything like this so I'm willing to give time. But fingers crossed that the next installment of transparency isn't just these same numbers in a pie chart and pictograph. OK, just kidding. I love pictographs.


Criss said...

I'll bet "Other" includes "Money to pay the dude who transferred the numbers from the bar graph to the cute, pastel bubbly pictograph."

Sorry, sister, but cute, pastel bubbles don't just grown on trees, you know.

Jess said...

or do they?

OK, they don't. But whenever a person says something concrete like "bubbles don't grow on trees" it's fun to shoot back with, "or do they?" because there's always a slight chance that you might blow someone's mind.