Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Problem Solved.

So I hear Lost is back. I'm not a fan. I've mentioned this before. During the first few seasons whenever people started talking about the show I'd ask them to explain the plotline to me and then three words into their explanations I'd add, "But say it with a straight face."
If people could get through a rundown of the program, dropping words like "monster" without smiling, I'd know not to talk to them about TV again.

One of my roommates in San Francisco was really into Battlestar Galactica and I made the mistake onetime of sitting down to watch it with him.
"So these people are in space?"
"Then where do they get those salon quality haircuts?"

And then he hit pause on the Tivo until I left.

I get that these shows thrive on suspended disbelief and people dig that, but the Lost thing is out of control. The Wikipedia page for Lost is about 30 times larger than the Wikipedia page for Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Let's have a little perspective people.

I only bring this up because I overheard what I'd consider a genuine argument the other day as someone yelled, "It's NOT a dinosaur!"

The yelling thing scared me. Watching Lost fans struggle to keep a straight face while saying "blob" or "tropical polar bear" used to be good for a little laugh. But I don't want one of these freaks to cut me. From now on if I hear anyone mention the show, I'm just going to say I don't own a television anymore. My TV was misplaced on a flight home from Australia.


aliza said...

Yo Jess. You are too funny. I am down with dissing lost too. How good can a show be if they need to preface it with an hour long show filled with captions describing what is going on.
I think your next blog should be about the word authentication process on websites. I just went to sign up with blogspot(so I could post a comment to you), filled out my info, and then was asked to the dreaded question... to retype the word - for security purposes. I had to go through this process three times because I kept getting something wrong, it was completely illegible. The eternal guessing game - Was that a one or an L? But finally I won and got to write a comment to you!! Well worth the struggle.
You should come up and visit, I'll ditch Cole and we can go skiing. Peace out!

Jess said...


That's hilarious and so true about having to type the wiggly words. It's the Magic Eye of passwords. The trick is to cross your eyes and let the word go out of focus until it ends up looking like a dolphin. I'm always denied access on those sites but come on! a dolphin!

Thanks for going through all that trouble. Visit next month sounds awesome, plus I owe you that piƱata. Miss you!