Friday, August 10, 2007

Alas, A Lapse.

Remember when i said i was going to have "Remember When Fridays?"
Well, I forgot about it. Ha.

Anyway, remember when R. Kelly and Usher were dating the same girl, even though the girl was the love of R. Kelly's life and his potential wife?

Yeah, I remember that too.


Naomi said...

Now wait a second. Are we talking here about the R. Kelly video where R gets caught having an affair with a married woman and has to hide in the closet, or the even better song/video called "Same Girl" in which Usher and R think that they are dating the [it's not just a clever title] Same Girl, but in the end it turns out that it's two girls: identical twins!

Oh damn that rapper is genius.

Jess said...

hey naomi!

i was talking about the latter, and yes, wasn't that a clever turn? i love how his songs have the potential to last 25 days.

Wait a minute hold on dawg.
Do she got a kid?
Loves some Waffle House?
Do she got a beauty mark on her left side of her mouth?
Went to Georgia Tech?
Works for TBS?
Is she allergic to shellfish?
Likes to watch TV?
Does she sometimes wear boots or shoes on her feet?

the only problem i have with the twin ending is that apparently both usher and r. kelly have been calling her "TT." i get that twins are close, but the same nickname? brother, please.